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March 13, 2014
Farzad Mostashari, MD

The ACO hypothesis: What we're learning in shared savings

Shifting to an accountable care model is a long-term, multi-year transition that requires major overhauls to care delivery processes, technology systems, operations, and governance, as well as coordinating efforts with new partners and payers. Participants in the Medicare shared savings program are also taking much more responsibility and risk when it comes to the effectiveness and quality of care delivered.
March 06, 2014
Christopher Rasmussen, Center for Democracy & Technology

An 'HIE of one'

Patient management of their own health information is a much discussed topic in health IT. Patients with the power to access their health information and actively direct its flow have the tools to take charge of their healthcare and make more informed decisions.
February 05, 2014
Anthony Brino

Turning to big biomedical research

Oregon Health & Science University and Intel are partnering on a genomics computing project that's very much following IBM's Watson in its processing largess and medical ambition -- a sign of the evolving relationships between patients, doctors and computers, and also, pretty much, health information exchange applied scientifically.
January 29, 2014
Tom Sullivan

Is the future of HIE private?

Whether public health information exchanges will survive after federal funding has been a lingering question. While no survey is enough to seal the fate of public HIEs, the results of new one ought to raise a few eyebrows -- and maybe spur change.
January 22, 2014
Mike Miliard

Should patients be charged for access to their data?

With more Americans gaining access to their personal health information online, a lot of providers still charge money for copies of records, as allowed under HIPAA and HITECH. Is that wise?
December 04, 2013
Robert Rowley, MD, GroupMD

What kind of IT do we need for value-based healthcare?

The trend toward value-based payment is gaining momentum. Except for efforts around managed care, where a fixed capitated fee is paid to risk-taking organizations for a defined population of patients, fee-for-service has been at the core of how we do business in healthcare. What kind of health IT tools do we need for the new direction?
November 21, 2013
John Moore, Managing Partner, Chilmark Research

Whose data is it again?

A common and somewhat unique aspect to EHR vendor contracts is that the EHR vendor lays claim to the data entered into their system. I have worked in many industries as an analyst. Nowhere have I seen such a thing.
November 07, 2013
Deven McGraw, Center for Democracy & Technology

Privacy protections must accompany new models

New models of care that enable greater interaction with patients provide opportunities to improve care delivery at reduced costs. But new models cannot be deployed in a way that jeopardizes the privacy and confidentiality of a patient's health information.
October 24, 2013
Charles E. Christian, St. Francis Hospital

Resolving the unknown

Over my many years serving in the healthcare industry, I've come to equate information technology to that cadre of close friends who, if you're lucky enough to have them, make your life fun and fulfilling.
October 17, 2013
David Lareau, Medicomp Systems

Bringing data back to the patient

As the data tsunami continues with states well underway with HIE development and more ACOs coming online, we still have to bring it back to the patient and ask what will it take to make the millions of gigs of information out there make a real difference to the guy in the hospital gown? Or, to the grandmother rehabilitating from hip surgery at home?