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InterSystems to unveil FHIR sandbox at HIMSS18

Chris Nerney
Chris Nerney, Contributing Writer |
InterSystems to unveil FHIR sandbox at HIMSS18

FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources), HL7’s next-generation standards framework, holds the promise of enabling providers to easily exchange health records electronically using a web services approach.
But as with all emerging technology standards, users are at different stages of adoption. Thus, a lot of trial and error is involved as developers attempt to integrate new standards with their existing IT infrastructures.
At HIMSS18 next week, connected-care software and services provider InterSystems will do its part to help providers understand the capabilities of the HL7 standard by introducing a cloud-based FHIR sandbox.
The sandbox offers healthcare applications developers a secure, virtual environment that allows them to test the ability of their apps to access health records from multiple provider systems. 
“We thought a vendor-neutral sandbox would be good for the community to learn about FHIR and FHIR apps,” Don Woodlock, vice president of InterSystems HealthShare, tells Healthcare IT News.
By working within the sandbox, developers can safely study FHIR apps code, become familiar with best practices, and create and test their own apps, Woodlock says.
HealthShare is a group of coordinated e-health applications based on a longitudinal, community-wide patient record that provides a foundation for coordinated, value-based care and population health management.
“Healthshare enables a customer to unify their patient data across data sources,” Woodlock tells Healthcare IT News.
InterSystems will be in Booth 4444 of the Venetian-Palazzo Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas. HIMSS18 runs from March 5 to March 9.