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IBM, Aramark collaboration focuses on connected-device ecosystem

Chris Nerney
Chris Nerney, Contributing Writer |
IBM, Aramark collaboration focuses on connected-device ecosystem

IBM and Aramark have announced a partnership whose goal is to “help optimize, maintain, secure, and support” the growing ecosystem for connected medical devices.
The integration of smartphones, tablets, wearables, and other WiFi-enabled devices into digital healthcare systems and the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) data analytics capable of interpreting massive volumes of medical data give providers powerful tools for improving individual healthcare and population health.
“But along with these advances come new questions,” IBM said in a statement. “What happens when these devices malfunction, or need software patches or updates? How can we better defend against cyber threats and enhance security to keep technology running smoothly? How is patient care impacted by a malfunctioning medical device or other disruption?”
Predictive analytics, for example, could be used to “help determine when an MRI or X-ray machine will reach the end of its lifecycle, and signal to a technician that repair or replacement is required to avoid any disruption to patient care,” IBM said.
Though no specific products or services were announced, the companies intend to combine the resources of their respective healthcare technology divisions for collaborative projects.
IBM Healthcare Technology Support Solutions offers hardware, software, and communication and collaboration tools for healthcare providers and healthcare IT manufacturers. Aramark Healthcare Technologies provides healthcare technology management services across North America, including equipment lifecycle management and technology assessment.