Challenges of interoperability start with defining the term

Chris Nerney
Chris Nerney, Contributing Writer |
Challenges of interoperability start with defining the term

The holy grail of healthcare interoperability, as laid out by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT’s draft Nationwide Interoperability Roadmap, is a system in which every bit of data generated by interactions with patients is collected, shared and analyzed as part of an ongoing effort to deliver services more efficiently while improving outcomes and overall population health.
ONC’s target date for this “learning health system” to be fully functional, as Healthcare Data Management’s Greg Slabodkin writes, is 2024 – less than a decade away. But Micky Tripathi, president and CEO of the Massachusetts eHealth Collaborative, argues that this ambitious goal and timeline obscures a critical first step without which ONC’s vision could be a pipe dream: agreeing upon a working definition of “interoperability.”
“We need to get to a definition that’s much more concrete and that’s about things that are mostly focused on what can be done within networks and across networks,” he tells Healthcare Data Management.
You can read more of Tripathi’s thoughts on defining interoperability as well as his suggestions for a “bottom-up” approach in the link below.
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