California HIE builds on Blue Button

Humetrix, a provider of consumer-centric mobile healthcare applications, and the developer of the iBlueButton app, announced Tuesday that the State of California Office of Health Information Integrity (OHII) has chosen iBlueButton to participate in its upcoming Health Information Exchange (HIE) pilot.

Conducted in partnership with the National Association for Trusted Exchange (NATE), the Humetrix pilot began on October 11 and will allow patients to view, download and transmit their personal health records using their mobile device, according to a news release issued by Humetrix.
"The iBlueButton app is designed to give anyone their own mobile Health IT system," Humetrix officials said in the release. "The pilot will allow patients to receive directly on their smartphone their health record coming from any doctor participating in the San Diego Regional Health information Exchange. Participating providers include University of California at San Diego (USCD) Health System and San Diego Kaiser Medical Center, among others." 
The Humetrix iBlueButton pilot will also enable veterans to receive on their iBlueButton app both their VA Blue Button health records as well as other records sent by providers participating in the San Diego Regional Health Information Exchange, thus making their complete health record available wherever they receive care.
NATE CEO Aaron Seib said that establishing a common trust framework will make it easier for patients using Direct-enabled PHRs, inlcuding but not limited to iBlueButton, and for the nation to move toward health information exchange between patients and providers.
Bettina Experton, Humetrix's CEO said the pilot project is an opportunity to "demonstrate the effectiveness of PHR solutions including mobile applications which we believe will have large impacts on both costs and the quality of care."