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Mobile docs get the most from EHRs

One of the takeaways of a recent survey conducted by Software Advice indicates that mHealth users are better at using electronic health records, and getting more out of them, than doctors who use PCs. Read More
Source: Eric Wicklund
Date: Oct 22, 2014

CMS offers ACOs new resources

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has kicked off a new investment program for accountable care organizations.  Called the ACO Investment Model, the initiative is designed to help better coordinate care to rural and underserved areas, offering up to $114 million in upfront investments to as many as 75 ACOs nationwide, officials say. Read More
Source: Mike Milliard
Date: Oct 22, 2014

NIH takes on big data puzzle

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) plans to develop four initiatives to better analyze and leverage the explosion of information available from complex biomedical data sets, known as Big Data. Read More
Source: Tom Sullivan
Date: Oct 22, 2014


Talk of interoperability was everywhere during National Health IT Week last month, but it seems that it's still nowhere to be found.   READ MORE

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From prediction to prescription

What will the analytics and IT infrastructure for big data ultimately look like? At Partners HealthCare, chief information officer James Noga is already envisioning that.  Read More
Source: Bernie Monegain
Date: Oct 22, 2014 e-mail to a friend

Reaching Medicaid patients

Unicorns, jackalopes, abominable snowmen and Medicaid patients, which of these is easiest to find? To administrators of state Medicaid programs and managed care service providers, it could be any of these except Medicaid patients. Read More
Source: Eric Wicklund
Date: Oct 15, 2014 e-mail to a friend

Torrid push continues for MU changes

A coalition of healthcare associations has called on the HHS Secretary to revamp the meaningful use program, again. Read More
Source: Bernie Monegain
Date: Oct 15, 2014 e-mail to a friend

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