7 ideas for e-prescribing

Once rare, now widespread, e-prescribing still comes with challenges.
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Taking stock of quality measures

"The transformation is occurring across the healthcare system, in part due to key CMS initiatives, such as health...

The fax comeback

If truth be told, fax "is really the predominant means of communication within the healthcare industry."

Data shows need to reduce Medicaid readmissions

To improve Medicaid hospital care, it will be crucial to understand the specific needs of the population and apply...

A comprehensive patient view from Salesforce?

A new entrant to healthcare is aiming to leverage openness as a way to foster exchange and patient-directed health IT.

Open source EHR out from military bid

An ambitious venture by PwC, Medsphere, Google and General Dynamics is stepping back.

Why HIE needs payers

Longitudinal patient records and actionable use of them requires a sort of payer engagement.