OSEHRA expands offerings

"They lay the groundwork for vastly increased collaboration and open source code sharing."
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NantHealth buys assets from Harris

A new precision medicine company is buying the commercial sector assets of a HIE and data contractor.

HIEs can seize new value propositions

Opportunities now exist for HIEs that didn't in a fee-for-service environment.

When the healthcare system works

A healthcare system that combines electronic tools, patients/families, and navigation by a team captain is not just a...

Trajectory not position

The challenge is to neither over promise future progress nor use hyperbole to over simplify the complexity involved in IT...

Whither interoperability?

Overall, the 21st century looks like a step in the right direction.

Go ahead with stage 3?

If providers see an "actual meaningful reason to exchange information," they'll do it with or without the...