CommonWell adds HIE, vendors as new members

Two "leading edge" HIE organizations see interoperability as "an all-hands-on-deck project for our country...
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Infographic: Progress in Direct

Speedier information access, decreased reliance on paper and more accuracy are among the growing benefits.

Setting clinical IT priorities

Expect 2016 to be focused on the clinical documentation needed to support ICD-10, quality measurement and care...

3 ways to make health data and HIE a public good

Strong forces are converging, positioning consumers as a potentially potent force for change that can dramatically reshape...

Hardest part awaits FHIR

The struggles with healthcare interoperability have a bit in common with the establishment of Web standards.

HIE and the 'learning healthcare system'

A study on heartburn meds and heart attack risk show the potential of digital health data.

Neal Patterson's interoperability litmus test

Why the Cerner co-founder and CEO wants to make health record "shopping bags" a thing of the past.